Real cloth samples of 35 wool fabrics

All About Wool comes with a package of 35 cloth samples that match up with the written descriptions in the book. There are 30 wool samples and 5 samples of luxurious specialty hair fibers. The samples are 2.5" wide by 4" long, big enough to get a good look at the characteristics that make each fabric unique.

We don't cut corners on our samples. To the best of our knowledge, all of the samples are 100% wool, except for the five samples of specialty hair fibers, which are what they are.

The samples are packaged in a separate envelope, ready to attach to the book's pages. They are layered in alphabetical order, the same order as they appear in the book. It takes only a few minutes to mount the samples to the book's pages, using double-stick tape or a small spot of glue.

blanket cloth felt jersey
boiled wool flannel, woolen loden cloth
boucle flannel, worsted melton
cavalry twill gabardine menswear suiting
challis glen plaid novelty suiting
coating Harris Tweed plaid
crepe herringbone satin
Donegal tweed homespun tropical suiting
double cloth houndstooth tweed
double knit jacquard whipcord

angora rabbit hair
camel's hair

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