Sources of silk fabrics

Silk fabrics from some of our favorite sources.

This is an updated version of the source list in our book, All About Silk: A Fabric Dictionary & Swatchbook. We update the list each time we print the book, but as soon as the ink is dry, something changes. We no longer sell the updated source list because we can post it here for free.

This list was updated Dec. 1, 2016.
B. Black & Sons, Los Angeles, CA
Wholesale source of silk matka from India in a wide range of colors. Low minimums. Also sells wool fabrics and a wide range of sewing supplies. Toll-free: 800-433-1546. Phone: 213-624-9451.
Britex Fabrics, San Francisco, CA
Four-floor retail store with floor-to-ceiling displays of fabric of all fibers. Small fee for custom sampling to mail-order customers who provide very specific details about the types of fabrics they seek. Phone: 415-392-2910.
Dharma Trading Co., San Rafael, CA
Ready-to-dye fabrics, clothing blanks and supplies for textile artists, including a nice selection of white silk fabrics, scarves and ties for dyeing or painting. Free catalog is informative and fun to read. Fast, friendly service. Toll-free: 800-542-5227.
Emma One Sock, Dresher, PA
Wide variety of quality fabrics of all fibers, including silk prints and novelties. Many fabrics are from designer cutting rooms. Inventory changes constantly. Phone and fax: 215-542-1082.
Exotic Silks, Mountain View, CA
Wholesale division of Thai Silks (see separate entry). Discounts to qualified buyers, extensive inventory, low minimums. Toll-free: 800-845-7455. Phone: 650-965-7760.
Hyena, Hollywood, CA
Extensive collection of more than 600 high-end silk fabrics for clothing, draperies and upholstery, such as doupioni, taffeta, velvet, brocade and organza. Lots of embellished fabrics, plus stripes, checks, plaids and other patterns. Swatches available for a fee. Phone: 818-778-6455.
JB Silks, In Ferndale, WA, and White Rock, BC, Canada
Wholesale source of silk with extensive inventory and a vast array of colors, including beaded silk, bridal silks, brocade, charmeuse, chiffon, crepe de Chine, double-faced satin, doupioni, embroidered silk, four-ply, habutai, handwoven silk, jacquard, noil, sueded silk, suiting, taffeta, twill and many novelties. Also carries high quality trims and laces. Custom dyeing and embroidery services available. Low minimums. Ships to U.S. and Canada. Toll-free: 877-877-3069. Phone: 360-778-1621.
Mill End Store, Milwaukee, OR
Extensive selection of fashion fabrics of all fibers, plus home-decorating fabrics and upholstery. Has lots of plain and fancy silks. Discounts available to qualified buyers. Large warehouse-style store is worth a visit tour buses are common. A second store is located in Beaverton. Phone: 503-786-1234.
Oriental Silk Company, Los Angeles, CA

More than 40 types of silk fabric, including brocade, chiffon, China silk, crepe de Chine, habutai, noil, peau de soie, tussah and velvet. Samples available for a small fee. Phone: 323-651-2323.
Plumridge Silks, Malibu, CA
Upscale silk fabrics for clothing and home decorating, including charmeuse, chiffon, doupioni, habutai, organza, taffeta, handwoven fabrics, pleated silk, embellished silk and other novelties in a wide range of colors. Wholesale discounts available. Phone: 310-230-0484.
Sawyer Brook Distinctive Fabrics, Clinton, MA
Annual fee for seasonal mailings of fine domestic and imported fabrics, with an emphasis on natural fibers, including a nice selection of silks. Oversized samples are thoughtfully presented and packaged with care so you won't get them mixed up. Their web site is a good place to check out extensive button inventory. The service is friendly and fast. Toll-free: 800-290-2739.
Jacquard Silk Connection/Rupert, Gibbon & Spider, Inc., Healdsburg, CA
Ready-to-dye silk and other fabrics, plus silk scarf blanks and silk and cotton clothing for textile artists. Discounts for full bolts and large orders. Free catalog. Samples available for a small fee. Toll-free:800-442-0455.
Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics, Berkeley, CA
Independent fabric store with two floors of mostly natural fibers, including wide selection of silks from the garment industry in New York. Swatches available. Phone: 510-845-6106.
Super Silk, Flushing, NY
Selection includes chiffon, charmeuse, China silk, crepe de Chine, four-ply crepe, doupioni (solids, checks and stripes), organza, taffeta and tussah. Samples available for a fee. Phone: 718-886-2606.
Testfabrics, Inc., West Pittston, PA
Specializes in prewashed, resin-free fabrics of silk and other fibers that are ready to dye, paint, print and finish. Fabrics are white or natural in color. Samples available for a small fee. Phone: 570-603-0432.
Thai Silks, Mountain View, CA
Extensive selection of silk fabrics, scarves and lingerie from China, India and Thailand, including variety of white silks for brides and textile artists. Samples available, in several groupings, for a fee. Full set includes about 400 samples. Discounts available. Toll-free: 800-722-7455. Phone: 650-965-7455.
Utex Silk Trading, Toronto, ON
Carries a wide selection of silk fabrics, scarves and painting supplies, with an online product list and a showroom in Toronto. Phone: 416-596-1887.

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