International shipping rates

Our online order form DOES NOT calculate the cost of international shipping charges because rates and delivery options vary from country to country. We will calculate the cost of shipping and send you e-mail with your options. We will add the shipping cost to your order after you have reviewed your options and selected one.

Transit time is estimated and does not include time the package may spend at your local customs office. Recipient is responsible for all customs duties and other fees that are assessed at the receiving end.

U.S. Mail
The U.S. Post Office recently simplified its international services. There are now three options:
International Express Mail, takes 3-5 days.
International Priority Mail, takes 6-10 days.
First Class Mail, takes 10-14 days or more (for orders under 4 pounds, usually 1 or 2 books).

First Class Mail cannot be insured or tracked and the U.S. Post Office will not search for a lost package for 30-60 days. You assume the risk of a lost package; if package is lost we cannot refund your money or send a replacement. We offer this option only to countries where the risk of a lost package is low.

United Parcel Service
UPS offers two speeds -- Expedited (fast) and Express (faster). Both options are more costly than the U.S. mail, and recipient may also have to pay brokerage fees. UPS shipments are very secure and usually arrive at the destination when they are supposed to arrive.

In addition, standard ground service is available to Canada for a reasonable cost and transit time, but UPS adds a brokerage fee at the receiving end, which diminishes the appeal of this service.

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